Reese Witherspoon at Whole Foods

Posted on May 23, 2013

Bless her heart, Miss Reese is working doubletime on that whole “managing a scandal” thing. Suddenly, she’s wearing suspiciously well put-together outfits everywhere she goes, even if it’s to such absurdly unlikely activities as grocery shopping.

Reese Whiterspoon at Whole Foods in Westwood, California.

Dita Jacquard Sunglasses

Fendi ‘2Jours Elite’ Leather Shopper

Sure. Nothing posed or planned in these pictures, right? She just happened to pick out some tulips, hit her mark, and spin around at the cameras, smile at the ready, like she was the International Spokesmodel for Tulips or something.

With that necessary bitchery out of the way, we can admit that this is a crazy-cute look, even if it is all a bit monochromatic. A contrasting belt would have been a great choice here. Either way; love the bag, shoes and shades. She gets major points for the excellent deployment of post-scandal accessories. We keep saying this, but the lady knows just what she’s doing. She’s America’s Fucking Sweetheart, goddamit. And if she has to tart herself up just to pick out flowers in front of paps so the public will start associating her with things like tulips and cute sandals, rather than bad dye jobs and drunken rants at some guy just trying to do his job, then by God, she’ll be so fucking adorable while she does it that America will have no choice but to open up their arms to embrace her again.

Love her again, America. She’s not gonna stop until you do.


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews,,]

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