Pairs Division: Smith and Smith at ‘After Earth’ Premiere

Posted on May 30, 2013

A first, kittens! The first father-and-son Red Carpet Pairs Division! Huzzah!


Jaden Smith and Will Smith attend the premiere of ‘After Earth’ in New York City.

So…wait. Was the “Devil and Angel” thing deliberate? We’re confused. At any rate, from the left:

HE: Looks —

Oh, to hell with it. This is the second Pairs Division in a row where it doesn’t seem worth it to break down the scores because they’re annoyingly perfect. What we like here is that they both look awesome in their own way; which is to say, Will’s wearing a look perfect for Will and Jaden’s wearing a look perfect for Jaden. No quibbles or issues with fit or shoe choice or anything like that. It’s all good. We wish we could see Will’s cuffs, but it’s not enough to get worked up over. Combined Score: 9.75/10. Huzzah!

It’s cute – and a little twisted – that they’re posing like it’s parent night at the local middle school instead of at the premiere of their million-dollar movie.

But seriously; what’s with the devil-and-angel thing?



[Photo Credit: Getty]

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