Pairs Division: Cruise and Kurylenko at ‘Oblivion’ Premiere

Posted on May 10, 2013

Is it us or are the men putting the effort in more lately? Tell you what; let’s continue judging them and try to come to some sort of conclusion. Of course, “let’s judge someone” tends to be our answer to so many of life’s little mysteries.


Tom Cruise and Olga Kurylenko attend the premiere of ‘Oblivion’ in Japan. Olga wore a Christian Dior gown. Tom wore a custom Giorgio Armani suit.

SHE: Looks amazing in that dress. No surprise there; its an amazing dress. Love the hair and makeup, but we’re afraid pointage will have to be removed due to the clown lips. We don’t think that bright pink really goes with the dress at all and more importantly, we think it’s Not Her Shade. Sorry, doll. You almost had a perfect score. Score: 9/10.

HE: Gets ragged on an awful lot here at T Lo Ragging Services, LLC, but attention and respect must be paid, because when he really wants to, he can look like a goddamn million-watt movie star. And it’s so nice to see a man who dresses up to the level of his co-star. We don’t know why more male stars don’t do it, because it instantly makes the two of them look like a couple, which is generally good for the project, nine times out of ten. Anyway, he’s rocking the shit out of this suit, but we’re afraid he too just barely misses the perfect score because he keeps making the short-guy mistake of wearing his jacket and pants a bit too long. Score: 9/10.

Combined Score: 9/10. How boringly symmetrical. But well done anyway, movie stars.



[Photo Credit: Getty]

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