Met Gala: Ginnifer Goodwin in Tory Burch

Posted on May 08, 2013

We don’t want to criticize someone who put the effort in, but this look confuses us.


‘Once Upon A Time’ star Ginnifer Goodwin attends the 2013 Met Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City in Tory Burch.

The dress is fairly traditional and even conservative, except for the leather details, but everything north of the neck is decidedly … not. Which is fine, but these are two great tastes that don’t necessarily taste great together, you know? It’s like the thinking was “Okay, the dress has LEATHER in it, so I can totally rock the Nina Hagen eyes and Adam Ant hair with it!”

The frustrating part is, she really can rock the Nina Hagen eyes and Adam Ant hair, so it’s kind of a shame she didn’t take the look quite a bit further. It’s even more odd when you consider how often she tends to wear edgy, unusual outfits.

At the very least, she needed some big honking earrings. Her head looks weirdly unbalanced without them.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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