Mary J. Blige at the Joyful Heart Foundation Gala

Posted on May 14, 2013

Oh, Miss Mary J. We don’t know about this one.


Mary J. Blige attends the 2013 Joyful Heart Foundation Gala in New York City.

We feel like we can’t even see what she’s wearing clearly because our eyes keep getting pulled in so many directions. Although it didn’t take long for them to head south. Jesus, Mary and Oprah, girl; those shoes are TACKY. We think a white outfit with gold accents is a great idea in theory (and it’s kind of a MJB thing), but right off the bat we can say those shoes are the worst thing going on here. As for the rest of it, let’s run down the list:

  1. The dress is a great idea in theory but it looks too tight on her.
  2. The jacket looks like an attempt to cover a too-tight dress, but it’s a mismatched white and it’s also too tight. Not to mention, it really doesn’t go with the dress at all.
  3. The earrings are fabulous.
  4. Love the hair and makeup.
  5. The frames are fun and she’s worn them before, but we kinda think that, like the shoes, they’re too much for the outfit.


There. Fully assessed.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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