Mad T LOunge

Posted on May 05, 2013

Welcome to the very first Mad Men Retro T LOunge, darlings!



Isn’t it fabulous? Please remember not to touch the bunnies inappropriately.


Since the preview, in typical Matthew Weiner manner, tells us absolutely nothing except that Joan’s rocking a “Tina Louise as Ginger Grant” moment with her hair, let’s all come up with drinking games for the evening. We’ll start.

Your drinking game and homework assignment are one and the same this week: In preparation for our Mad Style post on Wednesday, keep your eyes peeled for the following:

  • People in black and white clothing
  • A preponderance of blue and green in a scene
  • A “signature” color, like Peggy’s yellow, Joan’s purple, or Sylvia’s whore-red


Then, when you see one: Drink. Won’t this be fun? Also: feel free to argue about last week’s episode or any other Mad-related bits of trivia. First round’s on us!

[Video Credit: AMC]

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