Kristin Scott Thomas in Armani Privé at Cannes

Posted on May 23, 2013

We think Kristin is fabulous and we cant even count the number of roles she’s played that we wound up adoring, but we just can’t love this look as much as we want to:


Kristin Scott Thomas attends the premiere of ‘Only God Forgives’ uring the 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival in an Armani Privé sequined gown paired with Chopard jewelry and a Swarovski clutch.

Armani Privé Fall 2012 Collection/Model: Phenelope Wulff (VIVA)

It just doesn’t feel … balanced. Or finished, maybe. First, that sleeve length is awkward combined with the skirt and the neckline. Better to have wrist-length sleeves, skip the huge bangle, and add a small pendant to set off the cocktail ring and earrings. That would have done a lot to balance the look out a bit more. But we’d still have the problem of that trunk of a skirt. Slightly more fitted with a demure, below-the-knee slit is what we’re thinking. There. Corrected. Wouldn’t the world be so much more fabulous if we were given a magic, style-correcting wand? Rhetorical question. Of course it would.

And since we’re so full of ourselves at the moment, we might as well just be total bitches about it and say that she SERIOUSLY needs someone to spend a good half a day or so treating, cutting, and styling that hair back into shape.


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