Jennifer Morrison in Edition by Georges Chakra

Posted on May 15, 2013

Y’know? We’re gonna have to give this one to her. She gets a LOT of shit wrong on the red carpet, which is frustrating as hell because it’s a milieu in which being a tall, thin, blonde white woman means you’re playing the game on the lowest difficulty setting. And yes, this is what it is:


Jennifer Morrison attends the premiere of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ in Hollywood, California in an Edition by Georges Chakra jumpsuit.

Edition by Georges Chakra Spring 2013 Collection

Which is to say: a pale blue sequined jumpsuit; something that really shouldn’t work anywhere on anyone. And yes, the shoes are horrifying. You should see our looks of horror right now. But the color is dead right for her, the shimmer works nicely, and her hair, makeup and jewelry are all great. We wish more than anything this ended in a skirt rather than pant legs, but we’ve learned to take what we can get from the chronically style-challenged. We’ll give her an “Attagirl” of encouragement for this one. It’s at least one of her better efforts, and there’s more right than wrong going on here.


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