Jenna-Louise Coleman at BAFTA TV Awards

Posted on May 13, 2013

Jenna-Louise, you are a disappointment in so many ways.


‘Doctor Who’ star Jenna-Louise Coleman attends the 2013 BAFTA TV Awards in London in a nude lace dress paired with a Kzeniya clutch.

Kzeniya ‘Wild’ Clutch

The dress is a disappointment because it’s bland, shapeless and mostly un-styled. The hair is a disappointment because, well, it’s a mess, frankly. The makeup is a disappointment because the winged eye might not be the best choice for you, because your eyes are so round and prominent already, and the result is just a bit cartoon-like. The clutch is a disappointment because it clearly belongs with an entirely different outfit.

But mostly, Jenna-Louise (WARNING: Nerditry ahead. Proceed with caution), we’re disappointed because the entire second half of the current Doctor Who season has been an utter letdown and we were so primed to do some fun recapping but realized quickly each week would just be the same series of complaints and whining, so we abandoned the idea. Frankly, if even a Neil Gaiman-scripted episode is so loud, bombastic, and (worst of all) rushed through that it doesn’t provide any satisfaction, something has definitely gone wrong with the show, in our opinion. We’re going to try to commit to a recap of the season finale, which is supposedly jaw-dropping, but we’ll see.

None of this is any of your fault, though, Jenna-Louise. You’re perfectly charming in the role, even if there’s something a  bit “Generic Plucky English Girl” about the whole thing. Frankly, we don’t understand why Vastra, Jenny and Strax aren’t full-time companions on the TARDIS.


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