IN or OUT: Anne Hathaway in Givenchy

Posted on May 09, 2013

All right. Enough sloppy celebs on the street. Let’s get back to the reason God put us on the earth: celebrity red carpet bitchery.


Anne Hathaway attends the Tate Americas Foundation Artists Dinner in New York City in Givenchy.

Givenchy Spring 2013 Collection

We applauded her willingness to fuck with her hair – a rarity among A-list ladystars – but now that the Met Gala is over, it’s time to return to reality and all hammer out the big issue here: What do we think?

We’ll tell you what; we think Michelle and Carey have this side of the street locked up and no one’s really looking for another A-List actress with a bleached-out pixie cut. It’s good for the initial shock value, but now that we see her dressed and styled a little more conventionally, it’s not really working for us. Truth be told, we never thought the pixie was her friend, but she styled it well all through the Fantine poledance and we came to appreciate it. But if she feels the need to move on, then we suggest starting to grow it out rather than dyeing it another color. Everything about her face cries out for dark hair with some length to it to set it off. That’s just us.

Also: pale pink has suddenly been removed from her wheelhouse now that the only contrast she offers are her eyes. The whole effect is kind of weird. She’s like this ghostly figure with oddly dark eyes and brows. Fab shoes, though.

The rest is up to you.



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IN! I can’t get enough waifs in my life!


OUT! Oh, HONEY. I’m booking you an appointment with my girl right now.


The kittens almost unanimously loved Cameron Diaz’s New Wave Hitchcock femme look, voting it IN by a wide margin.



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