Florence Welch in Miu Miu at Cannes

Posted on May 16, 2013

Oh please.


Florence Welch attends the Opening Ceremony and ‘The Great Gatsby’ Premiere during the 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival in Miu Miu.

Miu Miu Fall 2013 Collection/Model: Sam Rollinson (WOMEN)

Girl, come ON.

We fully support the flying of the Flo Freak Flag, but this just looks silly. For one, that fabric does not an elegant gown make. We much prefer the coat-dress on the runway. And while we don’t love the idea of putting a visible zipper on the front of a gown, we can’t say this silly ruffle looks any better. In fact, it pretty much seals the deal on the whole bathrobe question; which is to say, this looks like one.

God, it’s like every design decision here was the worst possible one to make. Half-length sleeves? On a big pink polka dot gown? That high clerical collar? The black lace? Awful. All of it. Her recent fondness for carrying pocketbooks on the red carpet isn’t helping the look much either. The sad part is, we kinda love those shoes but she chose the absolute worst outfit to pair them with. In fact, the whole thing – bathrobe, pocketbook, big incongruous shoes – makes her look like a 6-year-old playing a half-assed game of dressup.



[Photo Credit: Getty, Jean Catuffe/PacificCoastNews, style.com]

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