Elizabeth Banks in Versace

Posted on May 23, 2013

Lizzie’s very good at really knowing how to make the most out of her looks. She’s similar to January Jones in that she (or whoever’s dressing her) understands that because of the –  how do we put this? – the conventionality of her good looks, let’s say; she can get away with outfits that might look like too much on a different gal.

Case in point:


Elizabeth Banks attends Vanity Fair and Versace Luncheon Benefiting Vital Voices Global Partnership event in Beverly Hills, California.

Picture everything she’s wearing here – skintight animal print Versace dress, gold dangly earrings, gold platform peeptoes –  on Lea Michele. Suddenly, it all feels attention-seeking and perhaps a little on the tacky side. But somehow, Lizzie can take these tack-a-ho looks and make them look fun and fresh.

Or maybe we’re just feeling kind because we sat through People Like Us on cable because we just couldn’t be bothered finding something else to watch the other night. And while it was a typical “privileged white asshole mistreats everyone in his life because of his daddy issues but then he Learns an Important Lesson” movie that Hollywood producers and directors just love to make over and over again (for some obscure and hard-to-figure-out reason), Lizzie kind of stood out in the cast and gave the most charming performance by far.

Regardless, we think she looks cute and fun here. We can’t guarantee we’d say the same if some other gal was wearing this look.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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