Ed Helms at ‘The Hangover’ Premiere

Posted on May 31, 2013

Welcome to the T Lo International Clinic for Judgement Studies, Ed. Now kindly tell the review board just what the shit is going on here.


Ed Helms attends the premiere of ‘The Hangover Part III’ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Honey, what is all this? What’s going on here? What are we looking at?

What’s upsetting about this is that someone clearly tried to put together a cute little outfit for him, outside of the default position for most male stars on the red carpet, which is somewhere in the range of “accountant on a job interview,” i.e., a blue or gray suit with a white shirt and a blue or gray tie. But how can he or his stylist not see that the jacket is ridiculously small on him? And why did they pick a very tailored jacket and pair it with full-cut pants? And why are we seeing so much of his one cuff? And why does he look like he’s wearing a ton of makeup and dyed his hair with something he got out of a sales bin at a CVS?

This is very saddening. Now we’re not even sure if we want to go see Se Beber, Não Case! Parte III.



[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews.com]

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