Dianna Agron in Los Angeles

Posted on May 10, 2013

Oh, you kids today and your “granny chic.” Mark our words, you’re gonna regret it when you look back on this in thirty or forty years:


‘Glee’ star Dianna Agron running errands in Los Angeles.

Nine West x Pamela Love ‘Pamela’ Boot

Alice + Olivia ‘Olivia’ Satchel

And then the next thing you know,  you’ll be 60 and breaking out the tube tops and mini-skirts because you’ll realize too late that you naively thought your tits would always be that perky and your ass that smooth and taut, and that there would be plenty of time to look hot should the desire ever hit you. But oh, darling; it’s not true. Your hotness is like a bank account that depreciates a little bit every day, no matter what you do; a giant tank of water with an infinitesimal pinhole at the bottom that gets bigger and bigger as the years pile up. You can’t conceive of this now but you are dying a little every second of every day, and there will come a point when it hits you that you can count – really count – the number of times certain events or activities will be available to you before the yawning abyss of the grave swallows you whole forever. And some time late in that journey toward oblivion, you will say to yourself, in one of your quiet, reflective moments, “Jesus Christ I should have shown off the goods when I had them. What the fuck was I thinking?”

We’re just trying to save you from regrets down the line, dear. And also remind you that you’re going to die. It’s always fun to do that to the young.

Love your purse.


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews, aliceandolivia.com, ninewest.com]

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