Chloë Sevigny in Rodarte

Posted on May 16, 2013

Before we drown in stately Cannes gowns, let’s take a moment to spend some time with someone who has considerably less grandiose ideas about style.

Darlings, meet Ariadne:


Chloë Sevigny attends the ABSOLUT Elyx launch in New York City.

Rodarte Fall 2013 Collection/Model: Lina Zhang

Having made a living for several years selling jewelry made out of barbed wire at traveling flea markets and craft shows, Ariadne was convinced by friends and family members who don’t like her all that much to try out for Project Runway, reasoning that fashion design couldn’t be all that much different than making a tiara out of barbed wire.  Broke, and with several hundred thousand dollars’ worth of credit card debt, Ariadne was just desperate and delusional enough to give it a try. The producers all recognized immediately that she had no training or even an ability to sew, but she was weird and had a great backstory, so she was posing for promotional pictures for Lifetime inside a week. She quickly established herself as a soon-to-be fan favorite on the show by sticking her tongue in Tim Gunn’s ear during a critique and making a lewd gesture to Nina Garcia on the runway. Also: dressing like a mental patient. She wowed the producers (and repulsed a string of fashion-insider guest judges) by producing work that once caused Michael Kors to exclaim, “This shit looks like the scraps my janitor sweeps up off the design studio floor!” in a segment never aired to the public. Her antics and idiosyncrasies spurred the producers to keep her in the competition all the way to the finale, when she was eliminated first. This taste of fame and inadvertent encouragement to continue fashion design only spurred on her delusions. She now produces small collections made out of scraps she pays Michael Kors’ janitor to collect for her. She calls the line Duchess Shit. So far, there are no buyers.


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