Carey Mulligan in Lanvin

Posted on May 02, 2013

We have to say, it’s okay to dabble in now and then, but we’re not loving Carey’s latest “clean” look obsession. She looks like someone swapped the heads on two very different fashion dolls here:


Carey Mulligan attends the world premiere of ‘The Great Gatsby’ in New York City in a Lanvin dress paired with Brian Atwood shoes and Tiffany & Co. jewelry.

Lanvin Fall 2013 Collection/Model: Sigrid Agren (ELITE)

Our thing about a “clean” face (and we put it in scare quotes because it doesn’t refer to a face free of makeup, but in typical beauty industry style, it refers to a face that looks like it’s free of makeup, but isn’t) is: dress accordingly. If you’re wearing a fitted strapless red dress and 4-inch black heels, and you choose to complete the look by sweeping your hair back and going colorless on the face, you’re only going to look like you were halfway through your dressing routine and ran out of the house thinking you could put your makeup on while driving – and then hit nothing but greens all the way there.

She’s got the looks for it if she wants to go the airy-fairy Swinton/Blanchett route, but she’s gonna have to start picking outfits that go with that look. This is a dress that really calls for a made-up face and styled hair; not just because it’s red, fitted, and strapless; but because frankly, it’s a little dull without some help.



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