Benedict Cumberbatch in NYC

Posted on May 13, 2013

Oh Benedict. You done screwed this one up.


Benedict Cumberbatch arrives at his hotel in NYC.

Because if you had had the foresight and intelligence to consult us before you embarked on your Star Trek whoretour, we would have said, “Cumby, it’s like this. You are giving the world the one-two punch of Star Trek and The Hobbit franchise in the same year, which means – brace yourself – you’re entering the most explosive, camera-flash-laden period of your career so far. Stardom, darling. Who knows how long it’ll last or whether or not you’ll really want it in the end. It makes no difference. The point is, you need to manage the image. And since your Sherlock hair has resulted in moist cushions on two continents, it really behooves you to sport those poet’s curls for a little while when making the rounds in front of the cameras. Trust us on this. We know you’re on record as thinking it looks a little feminine but we can’t laugh enough when actors who wear makeup on the job more often than a working drag queen get all silly about their masculinity issues. Suck it up, and set those locks free, boy. Whatever you do, DON’T slick it back. You don’t want to arrive on the international stardom scene looking like a Russian hit man. Let’s not even THINK about that.”


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews]

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