Posted on April 25, 2013

Curtain UP, bitches!


Cube Nightclub and Rooftop Patio, Toronto, Canada

Wouldn’t it truly be awesome to have a viewing party in that pit? Just hang a giant TV on that pole, please. And run up a tab.

Guest judge Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum

Oh praise Jesus, the DUCHESS IS BACK. The drinking game for tonight is quite simple. You drink whenever he says:

  1. “Disco”
  2. “Mother of the Bride”
  3. “Barbie”
  4. Some reference to sports that proves he knows nothing about sports.
  5. “Stripper”
  6. “Hooker”
  7. Some reference to an obscure socialite or old Hollywood star
  8. ‘What woman would/wants…”
  9. “We all know that…”
  10. Anything shady to Zac Posen, which you absolutely KNOW he will.

Your pick, darlings?


We think Michelle is the clear front-runner here but the judges just love to fuck with us, so we make no predictions. Rarely does the actual winner of Project Runway line up with our choice.


[Photo Credit:, Barbara Nitke for Lifetime – Video: Lifetime]

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