RuPaul’s Drag Race: SHUT UP ROXXXY, Part 2.

Posted on April 23, 2013

Understand that we state this merely as an observation and not a complaint, but the penultimate RPDR season episode is always a little dull to us.


Drag Race is extremely upfront about how artificial it is – like a drag itself in a lot of ways. So at this stage in the game, it’s quite clear that the contestants are going to be caught up in playing out their little soap operas, whether it’s “I will DESTROY this contestant I’m obsessed with,” or “I will OVERCOME my insecurities and walk proudly toward the win I am owed,” or “You know what? I got a shot at this. Out of my way, cunts. I’m coming through.”


The problem is, it’s just a lot of wheel-spinning while everyone waits for Ru to make up her mind. Everyone knows it’s probably all but decided at this point, even if these three are (to our surprise, we admit) a lot closer in talent and skill than we were prepared to believe.


So the performances get kind of lackluster and everyqueen’s attention seems to be focused on something at the corner of her eye rather than at the camera, if you know what we mean. Too much looking over the shoulder instead of looking at the audience.


And the shame of it all is that the challenges are pretty fun and glamorous, giving the queens a range of skills to exhibit, from face-giving to choreography to comedy performance, it’s all first class opportunities all the way, but everyone’s too exhausted and too caught up in role-playing to really give it their all. This isn’t exactly uncommon in reality competitions, even ones which are far less upfront in their artifice than Drag Race.






Ugh. This bitch.

Let’s get this out of the way: that is a KILLER runway look. Credit where it’s due, darlings. She looks fierce and glamorous as hell. Plus it makes for a nice change from the Lainie Kazan drag she was relying on earlier in the competition.


Absolute shit in the courtroom scenes but to her credit, she knew it. To her lack of credit, she somewhat hilariously tried to argue that these scenes were meant to be dramatic instead of comedic.

But of course the big story here is that she’s an insecure, nasty competitor and she’s worn out her welcome with – going out on a limb here – a significant number of the audience. The whole “pageant vs. comedy” conflict has been well played by all involved, we must admit. Kudos all around to Ru, the producers, the other judges, and the queens themselves for taking this question and running with it like it was an epic struggle between opposing philosophies in the world of drag. Which it kind of is, in a way; but it’s not usually quite so confrontational. She’s fucking delusional though, if she thinks RPDR is all about posing, flipping your hair, and looking pretty. To be honest, we don’t really believe she believes that. Part of it was her just throwing shade to get a rise out of Jinkx but most of it was just frantic ass-covering because she knew she sucked at a major portion of the competition.


Feh. Over her. Has she issued any apologies today? Before this is over she’ll spend more time apologizing every day than talking about how juicy she is, which is something that can only be seen as an improvement.



Oh, Jinkx, honey. This dress is hideous. Fortunately, that’s the only complaint we have this week.


Unfortunately, that’s about all we have to say. She was as good as one could be in the courtroom scenes and a lot of fun in the music video. She needs to stop taking the bait every single time someone taunts her. She’s painting a big target on her back.

Can we just say that the one part of RPDR that kind of drags it down is the writing in the skits they’re asked to do? It’s never really very funny and it’s mostly just awkward as hell. We get that the challenge is to make the lines funny, but even good actors are only as good as their material.


Alaska was the one who really shocked everyone by bringing it this week. She’s the classic, “I’m a competitor now, mama!” reality show contestant, who discovers at the end of it all that she really does want the trophy.

We didn’t much love her runway look.


But she was neck and neck with Jinkx on the comedy performing front. She just kind of flubbed it in the music video. Although her speech on the runway was absolutely hilarious and perfectly delivered.


Jinkx’s speech was too earnest and Roxxxy’s too obnoxious, only made more so when she slipped in yet another disingenuous apology.

Anyway, yaddayaddayaddda. Ru made all three of them lip synch:

And they were all good in their own way, but it’s really clear that the competition is down to Jinkx and Alaska, as it should be. Ru doesn’t like it when her girls get too nasty, so Roxxxy’s likelihood of winning is as slim as ever.


So now we all wait for everyone to argue on social media platforms all week while Ru files her nails. It’s just a waiting game at this point, darlings.

Now go walk children in nature.



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