RPDR: Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

Posted on April 09, 2013

It just occurred to us that we really haven’t addressed something of grand importance in the world of RPDR and it’s time we did so.


White Pit Crew should never have shaved. And his tats are kind of goofy-looking. Black Pit Crew looks perfect, as always.


Storm. His name is Storm.

Y’know… we might actually kick him out of bed for that.

“We’re sorry. We can’t. You’re going to have to legally change your name or go. No, you can’t have a glass of water.”


As always, the soon-to-be ladyboys were all game and kind of fun.

Not to be cruel, but we’re skipping right past the anvil-heavy personal problems that are being spackled onto every cast member and guest. It’s bad enough that every single Untucked episode must feature a teary-eyed revelation about someone’s past, but “I can’t wear high heels because I have AIDS” is…

We mean…


That’s the kind of line these drag queens (including Ru) would all make glorious fun of –  if they weren’t on TV. And no, we’re not making fun of AIDS or suggesting that anyone else should, but we also don’t think that bit was anything but a clumsy, obvious ploy to inject some form of melodrama where there wasn’t any. We have no doubt he might have complications that affect his balance or something like that. We’re not suggesting he was being untruthful. We just think the whole thing felt highly orchestrated and of a piece with this season’s tendency to really ramp up the drama and the storylines.

And that’s us “skipping past” it.




Absolutely our favorite Ru look in quite some time.


We adore (and have little crushes on) Clinton. But HUNTY, that lighting was NOT YO FRIEND. We cringed every time they cut to him.


We also adore and have little crushes on George. He complimented Tom on his shoes once at Fashion Week and Tom tittered like a lady-in-waiting behind a fan.


We don’t even get what this was all about:

It was all way too edited for us to get a handle on the performances, but we think we’re going to go out on a limb and say they were all disastrous. Otherwise, why edit it all down to 2-second shots?


So congratulations to Roxxxy! Very well-deserved, we think. She had one of the harder jobs, turning that little bear into a Kardashian, and she pulled it off perfectly. She really is rallying and becoming a contender, isn’t she?


Jinkx  was a close contender (and we really thought the AIDS reveal was sealing the win for her), but we have to admit, we think she could have made her mama look a little more glamorous than that. Was it George or Clinton who said she aged her up considerably with the makeup?

But their chemistry was cute, Jinkx looked great, and they were among the more polished of the teams.


We couldn’t put our finger on why it bothered us that Alaska made a clone of herself when we think Roxxxy deserved to win for doing the same thing. But we think it’s because Roxxxy had the greater challenge. Alaska’s freakishly tall supermodel Marine was a perfect blank canvas for her to do literally anything at all and she simply duplicated her own look. And she couldn’t even get the hip padding right. Roxxxy really had to work her ass off (pun unintended) to make her man look like her sister. Alaska’s whole output this week felt lazy.


We think Detoxx did a pretty great job with her Marine, but it always helps if you’ve got a big sissy, no matter how well-developed his triceps. She did right by making her look like her sister and not duplicating her own look exactly.

Although we really didn’t like either of their dresses all that much.



GOD, that’s all we can manage every time we look at her. We realize that drag queens – especially ones on reality tv drag competitions- are expected to be melodramatic and sling shade and generally just be an all-around huge personality in the room. But this ENDLESS COMPLAINING about the latest personal slight or insult she feels she’s unfairly received isn’t entertaining at all. It’s just dreary and self-absorbed. We really thought she was going to be one of our favorites this season, but she turned out to be a big, melodramatic pain in the ass

And her sister’s face looks like a badly put-together jigsaw puzzle. There. We said it.


We ‘ll pay her the credit by noting that she once again gave a fantastic lip synch, but we felt like Detox’s had more fun and attitude to it; less desperation.


Face it: Alyssa was the only reason to keep her around. Talk about wearing out your welcome. We didn’t even finish watching Untucked last night because we got so tired of her bitching and moaning.


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