PR: Jump the Shark, Hit the Wall, Burst into Flames

Posted on April 05, 2013


Okay, they didn’t set the designers on fire, like we predicted. Maybe they should have, because this was kind of a dull episode. But of course you’re going to have a dull episode when the challenge is “Make a pretty dress for Nina’s magazine.”


And oddly, the addition of sewing partners brought the drama level way down. Everyone quietly sewed and got along, except for Patricia who had a totaly bug-eyed meltdown. Granted, Richard standing there slack-jawed and acting like he’d never seen a needle and thread before would have caused us to bug out too.




So congrats to Stanley! You were kind of a dick to Tu! Reality TV show, not “Stanley’s Personal Sweatshop!” He’s lucky Tu’s so nice.

We didn’t love this look at all. We think the jacket comes close to ruining it and the pants are a mass of white that won’t photograph well. But she can do this:

And that’s enough for a win, apparently.



How the judges managed to not say the word “Versace” a couple hundred times while discussing this dress (like they should have) eludes us. The bodice is a rip-off and the skirt looks like an afterthought. We thought this was a really odd dress and deserved more in the way of criticism.

But as we all know, “editorial” is a code word on Project Runway that means “Expect some major WTFery coming out of that judging session, designers!”

Because this:



Got praised. No, really. Nina loved the Peeps jacket.

And just to make sure the judging was extra cracktastic…



They trashed this look …



And defended this one.

We can’t. That is utterly fucking ridiculous. We keep trying to come up with analysis or jokes, but that’s it. This is stupid and “editorial” is just a pass for the producers to keep the drama at a high level. We don’t know what their love affair with Daniel and Patricia is all about, but they CLEARLY should have been in the bottom and one or both of them should have gone home for those joke garments.

Michelle was very stupid to not listen to Nina, but she thought she had a really chic look that would win her over. Well she did have a really chic look – and one that would photograph quite well – but there was apparently a script last night and she wasn’t following it. We have no idea what little twist they’re going to pull to try and keep her in the game, but the very fact that she’s on the chopping block while Daniel and Patricia are safe is, frankly, an indictment of how little the results on this show actually mean anything.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for Lifetime – Stills:]

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