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Posted on April 12, 2013










Feh. We don’t even want to talk about it because it was such obvious bullshit designed to punish a frontrunner and inject some melodrama into the proceedings. It was blatantly, obviously unfair and it completely upended the format of the show for no good reason. Judges should either send a designer home for failing to complete a challenge to their satisfaction, or they should allow them to progress unimpeded to the next challenge. This whole “we’re punishing you for disappointing Nina” bit was just plain cruel – and even more bullshitty than it appears on the surface because she made a lovely garment last week, got yelled at for making a shirt and pants, and then watched Stanley win the challenge for making a shirt and pants. And let’s not spend too long lingering over the whole “We’re giving you a do-or-die moment.” No, you’re not. You’re letting her advance to the next round, but you’re adding a punishment to it. Go to your room, young lady, and think about what you’ve done.

Look, we get that reality TV absolutely requires some sweetening and manipulation in order to produce drama and storylines. This isn’t a cineme verite documentary, after all. But our problem with this – and with all of PR’s attempts at drama over the past few years – is that it’s so sloppy, so ill-thought out (Richard, Samantha, Amanda and Kate all get to go to Europe, even though they’ve all been eliminated), and so obviously unfair that it’s kind of insulting to the audience.

Feh. Let’s rip dresses.



Oh, WHATEVER, Stanley. Calvin Klein called. He sounded pissed.

This is fine, but it’s outrageously plain and simple. We wanted to kiss Zac Posen for repeatedly using the term “the chic banal” last night. Absolutely perfect way of putting it.




This is nothing but a set of cliches from top to bottom, but he deserves all the credit in the world for really breaking out of his own comfort zone – although we think Amanda had a LOT to do with that – and for making a look that, cliche or not, absolutely reminds one of the city that inspired it. The boots, though, really bothered us. A decent idea for the look, but a half-assed, Halloween-store presentation.

Also: we are MORE THAN OVER his tendency to cry every 10 minutes.



It seems pretty obvious that it’s coming down to Stanley and Michelle. And it also seems pretty obvious that the judges are fucking with her. As far as we’re concerned, this is the second outfit in a row that was gorgeously made, fashion-forward, interesting, and chic. And it’s the second outfit in a row that lost to a much less interesting Stanley outfit.

The smudging technique didn’t come off as well as it could, but we thought this was a gorgeous garment and one of the most interesting garments on PR in quite some time.



A frigging JOKE. To be fair, we absolutely love the textile she designed. It’s a great way to interpret graffiti in fabric. But Nina was right. THIS is what you saw when you went to Paris? Would anyone look at this and ever think of Paris? With all the other garments, you can see the argument as to why it represents the city that inspired it, but this is just Patricia, once again going off on her own. Which is fine if you can produce great work, but this is a ridiculous look and it absolutely answers the question of whether she’s a fashion designer or a textile designer. Stick with the latter, Patricia.

Kors would have argued to send her home last night. We’re sure of it.



And it’s Auf Wiedersehen to Layana, who may be annoying, but is clearly far more suited to this competition than Patricia or Daniel, who really shouldn’t be heading into the finals. We though the coat was interesting, but the stiffness of it, coupled with the structured shoulders and high collar just made it look odd and unflattering. The pants were an afterthought and those ridiculous sleeves were a terrible idea. We definitely think this was the worst garment on the runway, though. We don’t mind the auf; just the convoluted competition that got us to this point.



[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for Lifetime – Stills:]

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