Maggie Grace at Coach Event

Posted on April 12, 2013

Pretty much the only thing we’re liking here is the hair – and even that looks a little bit on the crunchy side.


Maggie Grace attends Coach’s 3rd Annual Evening of Cocktails and Shopping to Benefit the Children’s Defense Fund in Santa Monica, California.

We think one of the most common mistakes among starlets is how to take a break from showing off the goods. It’s an idea we fully support; especially if you’re a gal who is expected to dress on a regular basis in a manner that shows off how small your waist is or how big your breasts are or how shapely your legs. We totally get it if Maggie just wants to look pretty, feel (relatively) comfortable, and not expose too much real estate to the world. It’s not like she’s at a film premiere, after all. But this is so shapeless and colorless that it’s really doing her no favors. We’re biased against sheer long skirts over short ones. We almost never like the look. And the whole dress just looks like drab, faded curtains. Except for the neckline, which makes her décolletage look like she has a skin disease.

We just love using that word – décolletage. We really should work it in more often.

Top it off with pale makeup and kinda bleh shoes and the whole thing makes her look tired. Go home, sweetie. Here. Take a Coach bag with you. Thanks for coming.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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