Ke$ha Double Shot

Posted on April 16, 2013

You wouldn’t think Ke-doll would rate a style Double Shot entry, but bless her heart, Dirty Girl has been making something of an effort lately and deserves some love and support.


Ke$ha attends the 2013 Logo NewNowNext Awards in Los Angeles, California.

This is a very cute dress that is clearly very wrong for her. Look, we appreciate the attempt to do something relatively conservative and traditionally feminine, but this is not the way to do it for her. She clearly wants to add a little edge to this look, what with the hair, eyeliner and abundance of jewelry, including those Band-Aid-looking things on her right hand. Seriously, what is that? At first we were all, “Oh, the poor dear got a limo door slammed on her fingers,” but that’s jewelry, right?

Anyway, we think a gal like Ke-doll can rock the occasional prim and feminine look with a twist, but this is way too “politician’s daughter” to be taken seriously. And it’s not the kind of outfit you can add a little edge to. Also, the color’s terrible for her.

Nice try on the traditional front, Ke-doll. Not quite there yet, but keep trying, sweetie!


Then, she shed her Good Girl drag to be among her own kind:


Ke$ha attends the 2013 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles, California.

She clearly ran through Rihanna’s, Florence Welch’s, and Gaga’s backyards while their laundry was hanging out to dry and simply grabbed what she needed, or stumbled around until an outfit landed on her. That’s pretty much what this looks like to us.

Please don’t hate us for using this horribly trite, overused, and ultimately meaningless phrase, but: It is what it is, kittens. She’s Ke-Doll. It’s MTV. She’s gonna look a hot mess. We should be appreciative of the fact that she’s relatively covered up and put-together. It’s all derivative as hell but considering where she is and who she is, she’s not embarrassing herself here.

No, really.


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans, David Gabber/PR Photos]

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