Jennifer Aniston in Christian Dior

Posted on April 17, 2013



Jennifer Aniston attends the premiere of ‘Call Me Crazy: A Five Film’ in West Hollywood, California in a Christian Dior tuxedo-style top and shorts paired with a Tom Ford clutch and Jimmy Choo heels.

Christian Dior Spring 2013 Collection/Model: Kati Nescher (VIVA)

Out Bitter Kittens are not inclined to like formal shorts, judging by the myriad comments that amount to “I fucking hate formal shorts.” We don’t actually mind them, but we think they’re not for every gal. Jen is definitely a gal who shouldn’t attempt them. Not because she’s too old to wear them or somehow doesn’t have the right body. In fact, she’s got the perfect body for them. But her whole style – if you can call it that – is the beachy, tan, California Blonde. You put a pair of high-end shorts on her and it doesn’t matter what else she wears, she’s going to look like she’s ready for a walk on a boardwalk somewhere. In other words, they go instantly casual on an over-tanned blonde.

The hair’s really cute, though. But the outfit doesn’t flatter in the slightest. Maybe she’s floating baby rumors by wearing something that goes all maternity on her.

NOTE: We have no idea what Jennifer Aniston’s middle name is and no real interest in taking the 5 seconds to find out, but when you’re really mad at someone, it’s always fun to shout their name and add “Maria” to it. Even the men in your life.  Especially the men in your life.


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans,]

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