IN or OUT: Michelle Williams in Kate Young for Target

Posted on April 11, 2013

Question: Is it wrong to subject our poor, beleaguered celebrities to an IN or OUT vote when they’re wearing the very latest from Target?

Well, considering you’ve probably entered a Target dozens, if not hundreds of times and we bet there wasn’t a step-and-repeat and a row of photographers waiting to take your picture, we’re gonna go with HELL YES it’s fair.

Aren’t you lucky that we worked “beleaguered” into a sentence? Where can you get that kind of quality vocabulary while discussing celebrities in discount department stores?


Michelle Williams attends the Kate Young for Target launch event in New York City.

Kate Young for Target Collection

Okay, no. The satin bloomers are right out. And we’d like to think we’d say they same if they had a Chanel logo on them. A real one. The jacket’s really cute, but we’re just gonna say it: looks cheap. And it’s oddly shapeless, but then again, how many Target shoppers have bodies like starlets’ bodies? We think the top is cute and appreciate the deployment of the modest cami. Shoes are kinda dull.

We don’t know… it’s not our favorite look and it’s got a lot of issues, but we’re trying to take it on its own terms. Even so, if our galfriend took us along for some Target shopping and she tried this on? We’d wrinkle our noses and do a quick shake of the head, which is “gay friend” for “Gurl, no. I’m trying to be discreet about it, but NO.”

Honestly, the only reason we featured this was because we’re loving her hair.


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IN! She tried, bless her. And I love the hair.





Sarah Jessica Parker’s eye-searing vintage frock was voted IN by the Minions with Opinions.


[Photo Credit: Getty, Target]

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