IN or OUT: Lena Dunham in Saint Laurent

Posted on April 24, 2013

We’re gonna say… this could have been a lot worse.


Lena Dunham attends the 2013 Time 100 Gala at Frederick P. Rose Hall, Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City wearing a Saint Laurent dress and pumps accessorized with ForeverMark earrings.

Saint Laurent Fall 2013 Collection/Model: Maria Loks (NEXT)

Saint Laurent Janis Bar Leather Pump

We’re not surprised she’d pick something from the grunge-inspired fall 2013 Saint Laurent collection, but we are surprised she’d pick something so glittery and princess-y. We don’t think the dress is bad for her, in theory. The shape works, for the most part. We’re not in love with the asymmetry of the hem, but we think a straight across hem would have only made her look like a cupcake. Our real issue here is that the glittery gold does nothing for her coloring and that … well… we hate to say this about Saint Laurent, but that’s a pretty flimsy-looking dress. We try our best to keep our Project Runway commentary restricted to Project Runway posts, but this really looks like it was made out of Christmas decorations in 8 hours, while Tim Gunn stood by and expressed his concern.

On the other hand, we kinda dig her makeup, if not her hair. Also: no one is allowed to say Lena Dunham “doesn’t care about fashion,” anymore. Ladies who don’t care about fashion tend not to wear the very latest from the Paris runways with a pair of bone-crunching, kickass  heels.



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IN! It’s a really good effort and I think she looks pretty.


OUT! That is SO NOT her dress.



Charlize’s stumpy jumpsuit was voted IN because it’s being worn by Charlize.


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