IN or OUT: Dianna Agron in Derek Lam

Posted on April 09, 2013

We did not react well to this look at all. We may have even recoiled from it a little.


‘Glee’ star Dianna Agron attends Vogue‘s ‘Triple Threats’ dinner held at Goldie’s in Los Angeles in a Derek Lam top and skirt paired with a Marc Jacobs bag.

Derek Lam Spring 2013 Collection/Model: Liu Wen

Marc Jacobs All-In-One Leopard-Printed Shoulder Bag

It’s just that she’s such a pretty girl and she always seems to try hard to find ways to obscure that fact. The skirt and top are kind of cute, actually. But if you’re not tall enough to wear them the way they were designed to be worn, then you probably shouldn’t wear them. The stiffness of the fabric combined with the lack of belly skin the look actually needs to make it proportionally correct leaves her looking stumpy and thick when you know she’s anything but.

Also: that’s a terrible purse to pair with those pieces and we really hate her super-flat bottle-red hair. The makeup’s pretty, at least.

Are we being too hard?


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