IN or OUT: Chloë Moretz in Louis Vuitton

Posted on April 15, 2013

We’re sending congratulations Miss Chloe’s way. She has passed an important milestone for the teen starlet: she can now say she has worn the Patchwork Denim Dress. The PDD is of course, so de rigeur for young babystarlets as they transition into pre-adulthood that it’s practically become a red carpet form of Bat Mitzvah for the little dears. Or like a segment in a beauty competition. “Next up, swimsuits! After that, the Patchwork Denim Dress Promenade!”

So every girlstar is going to have to wear one. Smart ones decide they might as well suck it up and pick one with a Louis Vuitton label sewn onto it.

Chloë Moretz attends the 2013 MTV Movie Awards in a Louis Vuitton dress paired with Jimmy Choo shoes.

Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

Cute, right? Sure, it’s just goofy enough that she’ll be embarrassed by it right around her 30th birthday, but not so ridiculous as to become a running joke for a decade, like Britney’s infamous brushed denim gown. Admittedly, it feels a little ’90s to us, but then again, we’re in a ’90s style re-do at the moment and there are worse things to wear from that decade than this. The shoes help a lot. A more interesting belt might help – although truth be told, we don’t think the shape of this dress is all that friendly to her.

We don’t know, you guys. We don’t love it or anything, but we don’t hate it. She looks more like an average teen at a school dance than she ever has. It’s just that it looks like the school dance takes place in 1997.


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The Bitter Kittens surprised us by managing to suppress their loins long enough to admit that Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, did not, in fact, look hot in his ill-fitted suit. The Kingslayer is OUT.


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