IN or OUT: Anna Kendrick in Thakoon

Posted on April 09, 2013

Oh, this is really cute:


Anna Kendrick attends Vogue‘s ‘Triple Threats’ dinner held at Goldie’s in Los Angeles in Thakoon.

Thakoon Pre-Fall 2013 Collection/Model: Asia Piwka

Not entirely sold on that orange being a friend to her coloring, but this such a great little eye-catching dress.  You might be wondering why we’re bothering to put it up for a vote. Two reasons:

  1. We’re going to put up a decidedly less obviously pretty outfit up for a vote later and figured we’d do the kittens a solid and let them play with something pretty before we break out the not-pretty.
  2. We have quibbles.

On the latter, we’ll just go straight to the most distracting: that choker. We’re not inclined to like chokers anyway, because for decades, chokers were the go-to choice for drag queens who needed to hide their Adam’s apples. It’s not fair, but to a gay man of a certain age, ladies in chokers are automatically ladies with penises. Besides, we don’t much like that choker, which sits on her like a neck bangle. Also, we think her lip color is off and the mermaid hair makes us sad.

Hey, we did say they were quibbles. Now go ahead… tell us we’re bitches.

Vote Now!


IN! You’re bitches!


OUT! You’re not bitches!



Oh, and one more time for the newbies (because we’re getting emails again): No, there’s nothing wrong with your screen. There is no “clickable vote” option here. We instead encourage our kittens to tell us all their vote and then tell us all why they voted that way. Jump into the conversation, darlings! The water’s fine and the fish have claws!

In other news, the Bitter Kittens surprised us by voting Rosario Dawson’s dusty rose Snuggie IN.


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