Chatty Cathy Cambridge

Posted on April 04, 2013

This is so seriously, no-shit fucking cute that we think it should immediately inspire a Pregnant Cathy doll.


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge arrives at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow in a Moloh coat.

Moloh ‘Workers’ Coat

Normally, if we’re saying a woman looks like a doll, that’s not a compliment, but since she’s an almost-princess in the public’s eyes, she gets to be a little more precious than most. And this kicky little plaid coat is so perfectly Cathy while still being a little unexpectedly cute. The boots and tights keep it away from being too cloying, though. They add just a little bit of kickass to the Duchess.

Would Great Britain be washed away to sea if a royal walked with their hands by their side like a normal person? That posture is just so odd. Not as odd as when the male royals clasp their hands behind their backs like cartoon characters, though.

[Photo Credit:Andrew Parsons/,]

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