Cathy Cambridge Gives Up

Posted on April 22, 2013

Good lord, Duchess Cathy has taken the Grandma Betty drag to a whole new level:


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attends the National Review of Queen’s Scouts at Windsor Castle in Berkshire in a Mulberry coat.

Mulberry Mint Cotton Tweed Coat

Serving up QEII circa 1968, bitches!

Yeah, we can’t really sign off on this one. We’ve said before that she appears determined to not mimic Diana in any way – and that makes perfect good sense to us. But choosing your 87-year-old grandmother-in-law as a style inspiration, we don’t care how iconic she is, is not the way to go, Miss Cathy. This is beyond dowdy to our eyes. And it’s somewhat shocking, because she’s usually at her best when she’s picking out outerwear.

This has nothing to do with the shape, by the way. It’s perfectly fine for her shape, but it’s all the mumsy little details, like the collar and the sleeve length and even the flower closures, not to mention the color, which all make it far more suitable for a septuagenarian. Although truth be told, we think this could be styled correctly for a younger gal, but it would have to be done in a way completely unavailable to Cathy: funky hipster. Since that’s off the table, she’s stuck with trying to pass it off conservatively and winds up adding half a century to her age. Not a good look for you, dear. If you have to be conservative, then find things with a tiny bit of edge, not a lot of whimsy.

Also, that hat simply does not go. Miss Cathy wants to lie down and do nothing until this little monarch makes its appearance. It’s written all over this dowdy look. Go home, dear. We understand. And don’t let Grandma Betty pick out any more clothes for you.


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