YEA or NAY: Rauwolf Architectural Clutches

Posted on March 11, 2013

We won’t be drearily conventional and chauvinistic by claiming that all women do, but one thing we know for sure: our Bitter Kittens just love to talk about accessories. Y’all can’t help yourselves if we put up a whole bunch and ask you your opinion, bless your hearts.

Now, we’ll grant you, these aren’t exactly everyday bags and we think it takes a bold lady in a bold outfit to make one of these really sing, but we kinda dig them all. Let’s go fantasy shopping, ladies.


Gold Degrade Sputnik Clutch

Black Ovangkol Orbit Clutch

Blood Brutalist Clutch

Sapphire Classic Faceted Clutch

Black Explosion Constantinople Clutch

Amethyst Mirrored Orbit Clutch

Silver Emerald Cut Gemstone Clutch

Blood Shalimar Clutch

Sapphire Brutalist Clutch

Grey Venice Clutch

Van Eyck Green Shalimar Clutch

Silver Constantinople Clutch

Gothic Brown Emerald Cut Gemstone

Amethyst Venice Clutch


Our question, as always, is a simple one, darlings:


Rauwolf Fall 2013 architectural clutches: YEA or NAY?


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