Marisa Tomei at ‘Flick’ Premiere

Posted on March 13, 2013

You guys, Marisa Tomei is officially in a style rut. We didn’t want to say anything the last couple of times we featured her, hoping that the occasional style stumble was just that, but no. Miss Lady is in TROUBLE.


Marisa Tomei attends the premiere of ‘Flick’ in New York City.

She’s run out of things to wear and now she’s reaching back to that part of her closet that hasn’t seen sunlight since the early ’90s. Marisa, honey. Please don’t do that. We’d rather see you wear the same chic, modern outfit 20 times in a row than go out in a pair of hammer pants and an office manager’s blouse from 1989 because you couldn’t bring yourself to be predictable.

This is the downside to being a fashionista. You always want to look interesting and of the moment, but sometimes you wind up making really odd decisions and looping around back to frumpy when you thought you were being forward-thinking.



[Photo Credit: WENN]

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