Lana Del Rey in … just go look, okay?

Posted on March 22, 2013

Oh for God’s sake. We can’t.


Lana Del Rey at the 2013 Echo Awards in Berlin, Germany.


Look, we’re all for finding a schtick and beating it into the ground but Amy Winehouse got there first and did it better. This just feels a like a middle-of-the-road retread; something that’s not quite as rebellious or interesting as she seems to think. It’s just pure awkward-as-fuck. She’s a conventionally pretty girl. There are a million better ways than this to make a girl like her look interesting. We’re all for ladystars doing drag to create an image. Just make it something fabulous or worth talking about.

Those fucking shoes. They hurt our feelings.

Also: those are the ugliest awards we’ve ever seen. They look like car parts.


[Photo Credit: WENN]

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