Ke$ha in Las Vegas

Posted on March 13, 2013

Our problem with Ke-dollar sign-ha is this:


Ke$ha hosts Pure Nightclub Anniversary Party at Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

She has no grace.

No, really. We’re being serious here. We love the patented “Crazy Rock Chick” persona, from Janis to Cher to Cyndi, all the way up to today’s Nickis, Gagas, and Katys. Every generation needs at least one female singer to tear into societal norms and make a laughingstock of them. They’re singing ladyclowns and we love them for it.

But from a style perspective, Ke$ha always comes across like an amateur compared to those other ladies. There’s a certain finesse required to dress like a crazy person in public and have people applaud you for it. Let’s take a look here and break it down.

That jacket is absolutely the best piece she’s wearing and we could spin a couple dozen outfits out of it. Good choice. The bustier is a cliche, but relatively inoffensive a choice. But those panties look silly and the centerpiece on her head just makes her look stupid. The shoes are boring. We suppose we should allow for the gold tights, given who she is, but we don’t think they really go with anything else she’s wearing. Yes, we typed that last bit with a straight face.

There’s just no wit to it, we guess is what we’re trying to say. Katy, Nicki and Gaga can be counted on to make us laugh and clap, but Ke$ha always comes across to us like the dumb girl who’s trying to be part of the cool crowd and failing.


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