Jessica Paré in Prabal Gurung

Posted on March 21, 2013

Our thoughts in quick succession, upon viewing these pics:

  1. “Oh, what a fabulously ’60s-retro-tinged dress to wear to the Mad Men premiere!”
  2. “Jesus Christ, whoever styled her needs to be deported.”


Jessica Paré attends the premiere of AMC’s ‘Mad Men’ Season 6 in Los Angeles, California in a Prabal Gurung dress paired with Casadei for Prabal Gurung pumps and an Adeler ring and earrings.

Prabal Gurung Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

Casadei for Prabal Gurung Pre-Fall 2013 Collection Ankle-Strap Pump

Look, it’s hard out there for a fashion blogger.

Here’s a dress. Come up with a hook and 200 words. You have 30 minutes. Go. Oh, and there’ll be 8 or 9 more of these today.

See? Sure, it’s not ditch-digging or saving lives or anything, but it can be tough trying to remain fresh and avoiding repeating yourself. So, we kind of hate that we’re returning once again to our most common complaint: Great dress/Shitty styling.  Just once we’d like to say, “Wow, that garment is HIDEOUS! But look at how well she styled it!”

Anyway, enough whining. We always make the same criticism, but this time we have to say it’s worse than ever. Literally every single styling decision here was a bad one for that dress; from the hair, to the makeup, to the shoes (we don’t care if the model’s wearing them, they bug), to the jewelry and even the nail color. It almost looks like she had an entirely different outfit on and then changed the dress at the last second, leaving everything else in place.

A shame; because it really is a gorgeous little frock.


[Photo Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images,,]

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