IN or OUT: Kelly Osbourne

Posted on March 26, 2013

Before we get to the outfit, we just want to point out that we’re two red carpet commenters commenting on another red carpet commenter’s outfit on the red carpet, as she promotes her red-carpet-commentary show.

The meta, you’re soaking in it.

Kelly Osbourne attends a photocall to promote her show E’s Fashion Police in Amsterdam in a white blouse with a Colonel Sanders bow and black and white polka dot pants.

Boy, it sure is clown pants day here at T Lo Silly Celebrity Style Trends, Inc.

We’re putting this up to a vote, because it’s an instance of us not particularly liking the pieces of this look, but finding it so appropriate for the wearer that we’re having a hard time trashing it. In other words, there’s probably not many ladies on the planet who could make this look work for them, but Kelly is clearly leading that small pack. This suits her to a T. It’s fun and whimsical; the shapes work for her, and the hair makes a perfectly absurd capper to the look. We like it, but we’d almost certainly hate it on anyone else.

But those of you who remember more than a decade of the 20th Century are going to find it very difficult to get behind this one, we think.



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IN! It’s fun and she looks great!


OUT! FUCK no. Anyone who was inside an office in the 1980s would agree with me.



The consensus on Miss Kerry Washington’s outfit was that it was, at best, “not bad,” which means it got a tepid IN from the Bitter Kittens.


[Photo Credit: Bruno Press/PacificCoastNews]

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