Halle Berry at ‘The Call’ Premiere

Posted on March 06, 2013

Now that awards season is over, Hollywood breathes a sigh of relief because not only can they all eat carbs again, they’re also free from the dreary restrictions of taste and elegance.

Halle? That’s your cue.


Halle Berry attends the premiere ‘The Call’ in Hollywood, California in a black top and skirt paired with Giuseppe Zanotti sandals.

Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals

Gurl. This has to stop. You’re so desperate to be seen as hot; so focused on the tight and the skin-baring, that you seem to have lost all perspective. This isn’t hot, Halle. Oh sure; maybe we’re not the best arbiters of what makes for a hot woman, but everything’s just so muthafuckin unflattering here. The top makes you look broad-shouldered and droopy-breasted, with a wrinkly stomach. The skirt looks like it’s eating you. The chain belt and grommeted lace-ups are two bridges too far. In short, you’re a mess, honey. And you’re starting to look a little crazy, to boot. It’s well past time to retire the smokey eye and the spikey hair.


[Photo Credit: Getty, giuseppezanottidesign.com]

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