Elizabeth McGovern at “The Book of Mormon” Opening

Posted on March 26, 2013

We realize that Brit-lebrities aren’t called upon to do it as much as their America-based counterparts, but sweet Jesus on a breadstick, this woman needs posing lessons.


‘Downton Abbey’ star Elizabeth McGovern attends the ‘The Book of Mormon’ Musical UK Opening Night in London.

Because look, she clearly made the effort to put on her very favorite coat from the Cyndi Lauper Sledding Collection at Harrods, and she honestly does not appear to be all that put out by the prospect of having to pose for pictures. On the contrary, in fact; she looks like she’s enjoying herself. Which is great! The outfit’s actually fun, in a cray-cray kind of way! We love a lady who can have fun with her clothes and have fun showing them off. But all that self-conscious hip-popping and half-turning, all while giving that Joker face … it’s just too much for our delicate constitutions.

Other differences between Brit-lebrities and Yank-lebrities: An American would have a high-strung, obnoxious publicist standing just out of frame, who would immediately throw herself in front of the cameras, shrieking “NOT IN THE WIND! MOVE BACK! MOVE BACK!”

Enough rambling. Do you think the coat’s a good insane or a bad insane? Are you able to shake the image of cheap bedding? Are you observing International Clown Clothes Day, like all the cool celebrities?


[Photo Credit: Landmark/PR Photos]

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