Chloë Sevigny in NYC

Posted on March 18, 2013

The gift that keeps on giving, keeps on giving.

People, meet Minuet:


Chloë Sevigny out and about in Soho in New York.

Minuet (real name: Meg) is a French (real hometown: St. Louis) beatnik living in Greenwich Village in 1961. A failed dancer due to her reliance on orthopedic footwear, she works as an assistant art teacher in the public school system, writes poetry about nuclear annihilation, takes ceramics classes at an art collective, grows tomatoes on the roof of her apartment building, and sleeps with any man who owns a motorcycle. Minuet is walking back to her charming-but-tiny garret apartment after spending the night at a hootenanny smoking reefer with Bob Dylan and letting a couple greasers feel her up. She’s planning on writing a poem about it connecting it to Cold War tensions. She’s smiling because she just managed to make something rhyme with “areola.”


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