Cathy Cambridge Coat Porn Double Shot

Posted on March 20, 2013

And now, darlings, the introduction of a brand new subset of internet commentary, and something that’s bound to get us a ton of google hits from people we probably don’t want to know… Royal Coat Porn.

Ladies? Take a gander at a couple of Miss Cathy’s coats, since it’s all we get to see her in 90% of the time:

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge makes an official visit to Baker Street Underground Station, to mark 150th anniversary of the London Underground.


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visits the offices of Child Bereavement UK in Saunderton, Buckinghamshire.

Because this is the internet and we have something of a responsibility not to, we don’t do or allow body-snarking around here, but it’s AMAZING how strong the impulse is to simply skip the coat conversation and talk about how she’s doing on the prego front; how she looks physically, and how she compares to other pregnant women. It’s an impulse we have no problem denying, but we thought it was interesting to note our reactions to her as a pregnant woman and recall countless times we’ve heard pregnant women physically assessed to their faces and compared to other pregnant women. Man, that must be a huge pain in the ass at times. We’re going to have to be more aware of that in the real world.

Anyway, pick a coat. We’re loath to admit that we like the white one more, because she’s so likely to avoid color. The blue looks great on her, but the white one is slightly more chic. Then again, we think the hat is kind of dowdy and it doesn’t help the look. One thing’s for sure: Miss Duchess loves to show off the gams.

[Photo Credit: Getty]

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