Carrie Underwood at Country to Country Festival

Posted on March 13, 2013

Country Barbie strikes again.


Carrie Underwood attends the Country to Country Festival in London, England.

It’s not really our thing, this look. It’s not bad at all and if she was a perky working gal sporting this, we’d silently applaud her efforts to look put together at the office or the front desk or anywhere else the world needs another pretty, smiling blonde. But she’s a country superstar and we expect just a little more in the way of interest. We joke all the time about wanting country stars to get back to their Loretty Lynn prairie dress roots, but we’re only partially serious about that. What bothers us about country style is not that it doesn’t look like a Hee Haw reunion, but that it seems to have as its primary goal respectability. This outfit doesn’t say “Country Superstar,” it says “Top Realtor in the County” or “Cutest Mom in the PTA.”  Come on, girl. We don’t expect you to slap on Daisy Dukes and cowboy boots, but surely there’s a modern way to interpret this hugely influential cultural force into fashion.

Oh well. It’s cute, at least. It just has no oomph to it.


[photo Credit: Getty]

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