Boys of (almost) Spring: Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris

Posted on March 20, 2013

Because male stars never suffer under the frantic scrutiny that bedevils their female counterparts, we’re all about evening that out a bit. Unfortunately, because they’re not pressured to look good (or lent high-end items) like the female stars are, most paparazzi photos of male stars tend to be of the “leaving the gym” variety. This works out well for the boys, because they get to show off their bodies, look manly, and still get their pictures taken. It also tends to reinforce the gender norms of men being judged for their prowess and women being judged on how they present themselves. Ladystar paparazzi shot: window shopping or buying coffee, as if she was in a feminine hygiene product commercial. Boystar paparazzi shot: “Just had a KILLER quads workout, bro.”

Well, fuck that. We can’t change this site into one about women and their prowess, so we’ll do the next best thing: reduce the men to mere paper dolls, ready for our judgment.

Hugh? That’s your cue.


Hugh Jackman goes jogging in New York City.

First, he gets points for dressing weather-appropriate. He would have looked lame as hell wearing something skimpy in March NYC weather, so kudos to him for not going the shallow route. We love his hoodie. We also love his hair and beard. And sunglasses. And body. But you knew that.



Neil Patrick Harris leaves his gym in Los Angeles.

Oooooh, Mr. Harris gets points for fabulous accessorizing. Love your stewardess bag, NP! Looks like today was pecs day! Unfortunately, we’re taking points off for the flip-flops, which, as always, will be sure to send the queens and the warm-climate residers into conniption fits. Sorry, bitches. Flip-flops on a city street are gross. Can’t say the grey shirt and white shorts are doing much for his complexion, either. Next time go for a navy blue t-shirt, NP.

We’re going with Hugh on this one. Neil has the bag, but Hugh’s overall look would turn our heads on the street.



[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews ]

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