RuPaul’s Drag Race: And I Am Telling You

Posted on February 14, 2013

It took us a while to get to it, what with Fashion Week and all, but we can see why so many of you were screaming at us to get to this recap. This episode was hilarious.


We don’t know how the hell this show manages to come up with fun, original challenges every week.


“You’re not my real daddy and you never will be!”


This was also an episode that forced us to reconsider some of our earlier judgments. Alaska is funnier and a better performer than we gave her credit for. Lynesha is not the comedy queen we’d hoped she’d be after her hilarious Tyra impersonation last week.


Alyssa may actually not be the one in the wrong when it comes to the whole feud with Coco, who keeps picking at it like a scab and then back-pedaling away every time Alyssa calls her on it.


As for the performances, Roxxxy turned out to be funnier than we thought (although we thought the judges overpraised her Tasha Salad, which stopped being funny after about 6 seconds). Vivienne is almost totally without personality and it’s getting kind of annoying that she’s still here. Detox was fun, but again, we think a bit overpraised. Monica’s head just isn’t in the game anymore. It was Alaska who really shone here. Why he chose to do this performance out of drag eludes us, because had he turned in the exact same performance in a dress, he would have easily won this challenge.


Except for Jinkx, this was a group of total losers. Coco’s “I’m used to being the star” excuse was awful, and we’re a bit surprised Ru or Michelle didn’t rake her over the coals for her attitude. Lynesha was painful to watch.






So congrats to Detox! We loved this look and we liked her chicken performance, but we would not have given her the win. To our way of thinking, it was a tossup between Jinkx and Alaska, with the former edging out the latter simply because of the curious decision to not do drag in a drag competition.

Having said that, she’s our favorite of the queens this season. We don’t know yet if she should be the winner, but one thing we like about her – and this is an odd thing to say about a drag queen – she strikes us as the most intelligent of the girls. That helps her persona and performances a lot, as far as we’re concerned.


This is the first time we’ve seen her on the catwalk and didn’t think she was doing Sharon-lite. Oh sure, this is in the same sphere as Sharon’s kind of drag, but it felt more purely a creation of Alaska’s. There’s more to her than we thought.


Not a bad look, but the judges were right to point out that her insecurities and shyness are canceling out whatever fierceness she’s serving up.


It’s not our favorite kind of drag, but she does it well and she’s extremely polished. We just wish she’d switch up the face a little more. She always sports the same look with her makeup.

As for the feud, we still don’t believe that it’s a hundred percent genuine. Coco and Alyssa were friends and it would be a relatively easy thing for two friends to do to stage a feud that ensures they’re both in the game for as long as possible. Having said that, if we’re taking sides, we’re seriously leaning toward Alyssa at this point. Still, we want to throw things at the screen when the two of them offer up the vaguest responses as to what exactly went down. It’s like watching an episode of Lost, where everyone withholds important information from each other for no good reason.


Pretty, but a total yawn.


Glamorous. And we’re happy to see she’s not flaunting her ass all over that catwalk once again. We’re not the biggest fans of her makeup style, though. She’s another one who needs to switch up the face a little more.


Turns out, she’s just another Latina glamour queen, without much else to offer. Disappointed.


Clear winner of this week and clear frontrunner, as far as we’re concerned. She’s an original, she’s entertaining, and she’s got a performing polish that’s head and shoulders above most of the rest of the queens. Plus she’s kind of a sweetheart. That story about her grandmother buying her wig was endearing. So much so, that we wonder if it’s really true.




Blander. But we fell off the couch when Ru intoned “Bed, Bath and Beyonce.”


She’s good, and she does a decent job of switching up her look, but she really needs to step up her game. Fishy ain’t gonna win you the whole thing.


We thought she was top of the heap last week, but we quickly got over her this week. Like we said, her performance as the puppet was horrid (“Coco, think more Pinocchio, and less the puppet from Saw.”) and we thought this was a really odd look for her. It’s one thing to do a cutesy-girl drag, but this was borderline creepy, what with the teddy bear and all. And it doesn’t even strike us as her kind of look anyway.

But as we’ll see, Coco’s smart and has great instincts as a performer, even when she’s having an off week.

Because she knew she’d be in the bottom and she knew they’d be lip-synching a Pussycat Dolls song, which made her little-girl drag suddenly perfectly appropriate for the moment. And when she stripped off her party dress to reveal a second costume, we knew she had it in the bag. Not to imply that she won it for costuming reasons. Her performance in the lip synch was kick-ass and poor Monica never stood a chance. Coco knew she fucked up and she simply was not going to allow herself to be sent home for it. It was one of the best lip synchs the show’s ever had.





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