Nichole Richie on Extra

Posted on February 08, 2013

How does someone leave the house – for a TV interview, mind you – looking like this?


Nichole Richie makes an appearance on ‘Extra’ in Los Angeles.

She’s a fashionista, you know. E! told us one time, so it must be true.

Good lord, this is ridic. In a perfect world, we’d spend all our time making jokes about how her pants were made out of curtains or something, but instead, we are forced – FORCED – to stare at her uniboob and accompanying headlights. Worse, it’s a saggy uniboob, made all the more awkward with the addition of shoulder pads, which throw off her natural proportions even more. Basically, the girl has shoulders up to her ears, boobs down to her waist, and crotch down to her knees. She’s a walking Picasso.


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