Katy Perry in Gucci

Posted on February 11, 2013

Now that we’ve buttered you up with the sublime, it’s time to unleash the ridiculous:


Katy Perry attends the 2013 Grammy Awards in head-to-toe Gucci.

Gucci Resort 2013 Collection/Model: Bette Franke

Look, we like Miss Katy. We like her wacky and we like her tacky. But this is just kinda hideous. An over-decorated bathroom in dress form. That green is … well, we don’t want to say it’s a “HORRIBLE” color, lest we offend those who are about to tell us how much they love it. We’ll just call it a difficult one. She might’ve been able to pull it off, but you dump some Hallmark store potpourri on the neckline and the whole thing just goes south. Plus: babyheads. But hey, we like the hair, so she can comfort herself with that, at least.


[Photo Credit: Getty, style.com]

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