Julianne Hough in Houghton

Posted on February 28, 2013

You know what? We’ve just been struck by a bolt of empathy, out of the blue. Don’t worry, it’ll likely pass very shortly. But something about these pictures just clicked with us and now we don’t feel like going straight for the bitchy joke.

Julianne Hough attends the premiere of ‘Safe Haven’ in Dublin, Ireland in a Houghton embroidered and sequin gown.

Houghton Bride 2013 Collection

It’s this: She never stops TRYING. We don’t like this look any more than any of her other looks, but it struck us while looking at these pics and struggling to come up with another joke at her expense that the poor dear really does put the effort in on looking good and looking presentably put together for pictures. That’s kind of sad, because she almost never looks good or presentable for pictures.

This isn’t the worst we’ve seen from her. As with most of her outfits, it tends to read a little mature to us. We could see Helen Mirren rocking the hell out of this dress. We just don’t think it suits her very well. And besides, the column of white in the lower half throws the visual balance off. She looks a little like she’s hovering.

Believe it or not, both that hair and the makeup are improvements. They’re not GOOD, mind you, but we can see some effort being made to course-correct. The hair is sloppy, but at least it looks youthful. Or at least, youthful if it was 1999 and barrettes are all the rage. As for the makeup, if she would just get her people to tone town the eyebrows a little (and possibly the eyeliner), it would go a long way toward softening her face.

This is us, darlings. Full of love and warm feelings in our hearts. Enjoy it while it lasts.


[Photo Credit: WENN, houghtonnyc.com]

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