IN or OUT: Michelle Williams in Prada

Posted on February 14, 2013

Ooooh, Miss Michele got into the makeup bag.


Michelle attends the premiere of ‘OZ The Great And Powerful’ in Los Angeles in a Prada cap-sleeve dress and embellished t-strap sandals paired with a Kate Young for Target clutch.

We like. She rarely puts on that much face, unless it’s for something like the Oscars.

It’s just easier to write our reactions like dialogue. Please note that, due to being together for 16 years, and working alongside each other 12 hours a day, our actual dialogue probably sounds like nothing more than grunts and chirps to outsiders.

“Pretty dress. So very her. Not entirely sure about the hem.”

“Wait. What’s going on at her hip?”

“Oh my God. Is that a split seam? Did no one see that?”

“No. See? Look closer. That motherfucker is slit straight up to her hip and she’s flashing her granny panties.”





No, really. We kinda do. The Bitter Kittens are decidedly anti-panty-flashing, but we’re going to have to part ways this time. She’s well covered and the dress has a soft, feminine prettiness that doesn’t allow the presence of panty to come across too sexy or attention-seeking. We can’t believe we’re going to use this word to describe a dress that’s slit to the hip, but it’s actually demure. The accessories are perfect – yes, even the Target clutch –  and as we said, we love the face. This is all a serious IN for us, but we’re guessing we’ll be the cheese that stands alone on that one.

She almost never wears earrings, does she?


Vote Now!


IN! Miss Lady got her sexy on!


OUT! Ew. Have you no decency?


Anne Hathaway’s unusual Chanel dress was voted IN by the Kittens, which surprises us, because we could’ve sworn the votes were going the other way. It’s the Mitt Romney of dresses, apparently.

And everyone needs to calm down that we made one mild political joke.



[Photo Credit: Emiley Schweich, Tina Gill/PR Photos, Jason Kempin, Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

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