IN or OUT: Emma Stone in Gucci

Posted on February 18, 2013

Emma Stone is beloved and you can always count on a vigorous defense of her from the Bitter Kittens, no matter how poorly or oddly she is dressed. On the other hand, the Kittens also have little patience for big puffy, extraneous things that will only get in the way when a kitten wants to light a cigarette or down a shot or tongue kiss a stranger. Peeing is a big criterion in the Kitten world too, as in, “How is she going to pee in that thing?” Although we can assure you, celebrities rarely ever lift their skirts and pee on the red carpet anymore, so it’s not much of a consideration as far as we’re concerned.

Anyway, what we’re trying to say here is, this series of pictures will provide quite the challenge for the Bitter Kittens. Do some stretching and limbering to get yourself warmed up, because you’re gonna have to work to love this one (or not):

Emma Stone attends the premiere of ‘The Croods’ during the 63rd Annual Berlinale International Film Festival in a black Gucci dress with puffy sleeves paired with Christian Louboutin pumps, Jamie Wolf earrings, and Graziela Gems rings.

Gucci Spring 2013 Collection/Model: Daria Strokous

But we kind of love it, we have to say. It’s got that slightly retro-mod feel that really suits her. Even if she does look alarmingly like a healthy, well-adjusted version of Lindsay Lohan in some of these shots. Can’t say we’re in love with the makeup. The hair’s kind of cute, though.

We just think a dress like this is something our more vocal kittens are not inclined to defend. Having said that, you’ll all prove us wrong now. Enough predicting. Let’s hear it:



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IN! She’s an adorable mod moppet!


OUT! Puffy-sleeved nightmare of a Frankendress!

The Kittens managed to overcome their dislike of the visible granny panty, voting Michelle Williams’ version of it IN.


[Photo Credit: Away!, Pixplanete/PR Photos,]

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